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Pastoral Care

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School, we take Pastoral Care seriously.  We work closely with staff, students and parents to meet the personal, social, spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual needs of our students as they present themselves.  The well being of our community is a priority that underpins all that we do.  We seek to provide a caring and supportive environment for our whole School community that draws from our School Core Values.

The School acknowledges the importance of well being in the learning process, and is committed to fostering well being within the School community.  Our Pastoral Care Programme helps educate and inform students on a range of topics such as resiliency, managing stress, mental health, drugs and alcohol, driver education, bullying and cyber safety.

In the Junior School, Pastoral Care is overseen by the classroom teacher, Coordinators, and the Head of Junior School, each of whom is responsible for getting to know individual students, developing positive teacher-students relationships, and identifying any difficulties their students may be encountering.

In the Senior School, each student belongs to a Tutor Group, a Year Group and a House Group.  Tutor Teachers develop strong relationships with their students.  They monitor student well being and develop positive teacher-student relationships.  Tutors are the 'first port of call' for the students and their parents is they have queries or concerns, both pastoral and academic.  Each Year Group is managed by a Year Coordinator who assists with Pastoral matters, as well as organising Year level camps and other year-based activities that promote strong connections within the cohort.  Pastoral Care in the Senior School is overseen by the Head of Pastoral Care.