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Our School

Welcome to our School

Few decisions in life hold the same significance and importance as choosing the right school for your children.  It is a decision that will not only shape their development during their school years, but will determine the type of men and women they become throughout their lives - healthy, confident, capable and resilient adults.

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School, we offer a creative and balanced educational experience for students from Kindergarten to Year 12.  We are deeply committed to providing strong academic, vocational, sporting and cultural experiences; we are equally committed to service, supporting and giving back to local, and more distant, communities.  Crucial to all these successful outcomes is the development of the three-way partnership between the student, parents and the School.  It is the building of this partnership and subsequent communication that creates the sense of community and pride that are essential in any successful school.

As an Anglican School with Christian core values, our School Community is encouraged to explore the wider meaning of life and to develop standards of goodness and self-respect that are socially and spiritually enhancing.  We are highly respectful of all those who uphold other faiths and beliefs, or who declare no faith at all.  Our doors are open to everyone who would like to be enrolled and welcomed at our School.

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School will provide all children from Kindergarten to Year 12 with rich opportunities and the best possible start in life.

We look forward to meeting with you as you explore our School.

Ms Felicity House