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Anglican Schools Ethos Statement


2007 School Performance Report

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2017 Assessment and Reporting Policy Years 7 - 10

2017 Assessment Policy Y11 and Y12

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Mouthguard Policy


Partnership Schools - School Plan 2012 

PCACS Strategic Plan 2017-2021

In the years since the ground was blessed at PCACS in 2006, our school has grown at a rapid pace.  Our building and education programs are now well underway and PCACS is preparing to enter another exciting phase of development. The focus of this next phase of our school life is more about what happens within the walls that have been created. This is more about looking at “who” we are and “how” we are.  

The Strategic Plan Review Project was developed by the School in partnership with the Future Committee to gauge our overall progress in achieving the strategic vision and goals we formed in 2009.  In addition to reviewing our achievements during the first 2 years of the PCACS Strategic Plan, we sought to ensure the development of a living and working document, supporting systems and processes required for ongoing management of a realistic and relevant strategic plan and a continuous self evaluation and improvement process. We also wanted to use this process to stop and reflect on who we are, who we want to be and how we can get there together. The information contained in this document is a reflection of this journey and a foundation for ongoing learning, building relationships and strengthening our school community.  

Policies on Facebook

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School does not have a Facebook page.  Please contact your child's classroom teacher / tutor or Reception if you have any queries.




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