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Our School

Our Staff


  • Principal: Ms Felicity House 
  • Business Manager:  Mr Andrew McKenzie-Fraser 
  • Head of Junior School:  Mrs Maggie Dunnill 
  • Head of Senior School:  Ms Judith Stringer 
  • Head of IT and Operations:  Mr Shane Parnell


  • Director of Pastoral Care (Senior School):  Adam Halliday
  • Director of Curriculum (Senior School):  Ross Dods
  • Director of Early Learning:  Donna Farmer
  • Director of Upper Junior:  Kierin Janes

Year Coordinators

  • Year 7 – Natascha Clark
  • Year 8 – Naushad Singh
  • Year 9 / 10 – Cara Barrett
  • Year 11 / 12 – Jude Russell

Learning Area Coordinators

  • Mathematics (Senior School):  Divya Khetarpal
  • Science (Senior School):  Rob Carman
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (Senior School):  Angela Kavanagh
  • English (Senior School):  Kate Forman
  • Music (Whole School):  Charles Pinkham
  • Health and Physical Education (Whole School):  Roh Weddikkara


  • Service Learning (Whole School):  Rebecca Weddikkara
  • Early Learning:  Nicky Jones
  • Upper Junior:  Alysha McDonald
  • Co Curricular (Junior School):  Sam Maddy
  • Duke of Edinburgh (Senior School):  Melanie Hunt


  • Assistant Business Manager:  Mrs Karen Redman 
  • Finance Officer:  Mrs Teresa Hepburn 


  • Counsellor:  Ms Melissa Moxham 
  • Compliance & Human Resources:  Mrs Adele Donaldson 
  • Office Manager:  Ms Ardie McCoy 
  • Marketing & Community Engagement:  Mr Cam Allen 
  • Student Services Officer:  Mrs Celia Prinsloo 
  • Personal Assistant to the Principal:  Mrs Erin Posik 
  • Receptionist:  Mrs Lyndsey Jordan 
  • Administration Officer:  Ms Marion Caunt 
  • Administration Officer:  Mrs Suzanne Blignaut 
  • Administration Officer (Calista):  Ms Vicki Barkla
  • Adminstration Officer (Wellard):  Mrs Susan Duckham


  • Chaplain:  The Reverend Melanie Simms 

"In general, staff here are very helpful, respectful of who you are, understanding, supportive, friendly, humorous, lenient and fair.  They want to make you strive for success and push us to do our best." (student)