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Our School

House Patrons

On enrolment, students are allocated to one of our four Houses. Students remain with their House throughout their time at the School. The Houses provide the basis for sporting, co curricular and cultural competition within the School, and each is named for a Patron who has a special connection to Peter Carnley Anglican Community School.

Laurence House
(Colour: Gold)

Laurence House is named after The Reverend Peter Laurence, Chief Executive Officer of the Anglican Schools Commission.  The Reverend Peter Laurence was actively involved in the early planning and development of the School.


Lindbeck House
(Colour: Green)

Lindbeck House is named after Mr Keith Lindbeck. Mr Lindbeck was the Chairman of the PCACS Steering Committee responsible for the implementation of the ASC plan to create the School, and is the Foundation Chair of the PCACS Council.  Mr Lindbeck is an environmental management consultant.


Moody House
(Colour: Blue)

Moody House is named after Mr John Moody AM (17 Aug 1935 - 2 Oct 2015).  Mr Moody was the Headmaster of Guildford Grammar School for 17 years before joining the ASC in 1996.  He was the Chair of the ASC and assisted in the planning and development of PCACS. Mr Moody retired from the ASC in 2008.

Murray House
(Colour: Red)

Murray House is named after The Right Reverend David Murray.   Bishop Murray was the Bishop of the Southern Metropolitan region prior to his retirement, and worked tirelessly over a number of years to ensure that an Anglican school was developed in the Kwinana area.   Bishop David was a member of the PCACS Steering Committee and a Foundation member of the PCACS Council.