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Our School

Our School

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School aims to provide excellence in education, stressing high academic standards and the development of individual potential in a dynamic, caring and Christian environment.

Peter Carnley Anglican Community School students will be engaged in education that prepares them to become active and contributing members of the community and potential future leaders.  The School will nurture students so they accept responsibility, demonstrate commitment and initiative, be self-disciplined and show sensitivity to the needs of others.

The School aims to stimulate in students' intellectual curiosity, the capacity to tackle and solve problems, the ability to think creatively and logically and the ability to work with others.  Students will receive a Christian education and be encouraged to consider it as a basis for living.  The School will expect students to show the highest possible standards of courtesy, dress and behaviour.

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a quality education.  I invite you to contact us to discuss your child's future educational needs.