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A Servant Leader devotes their time to serving the needs of the people they lead. It is through this service that others are encouraged to grow, develop self-confidence and achieve their personal best. 

Prefects are selected from those students who nominate to serve.  They are elected as a result of votes given by the student body and the staff.

At Peter Carnley Anglican Community School our Prefects demonstrate the ideals of Servant Leadership. Through their roles as Captains they individually and collectively serve the student body and the wider community. They mentor and assist younger students and encourage them to strive to achieve their best.

We congratulate our 2017 Prefects on their appointment and look forward to their contribution throughout the year.


Prefects Oath

I do solemnly and sincerely promise that I will

fairly and impartially fulfil the responsibilities of a Prefect of the School.

I will faithfully and truly up hold and obey the

Rules and Regulations of Peter Carnley Anglican Community School and

conduct myself in a manner consistent with Christian morals and ethics.

I will ensure that my actions, behaviour and demeanour

provide fine example and leadership; and I will at all times carry forward

the good name of the School.