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School Record Holders

Here at Peter Carnley Anglican Community School we are proud to recognise the sporting and athletic achievements of our students.  Listed below are the Junior and Senior School's current record holders in Swimming and Athletics.

Junior Swimming 

Year 3 - Female

Year 3 - Male

Year 4 - Female

Year 4 - Male

Year 5 - Female

Year 5 - Male

Year 6 - Female

Year 6 - Male

Senior Athletics

100m Records

200m Records


400m Records


Javelin Records


Shot Put Records


Discus Records


High Jump Records


Long Jump Records


Hurdles Records


Senior Swimming

Under 13 Female


Under 13 Male


Under 14 Female


Under 14 Male


Under 15 Female


Under 15 Male


Under 16 Female


Under 16 Male


Under 19 Female


Under 19 Male