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What is your maximum class size? 

Kindergarten = 30 (1 Teacher and 2 Teacher's Assistants)

Pre Primary = 32 (1 Teacher and 1.5 Teacher's Assistants)
Years 1 - 2 = 32 (1 Teacher and 0.5 Teacher's Assistant)
Years 3 - 10 = 32
Years 11 – 12 = 26

How many streams are there for each year group?

In 2017 we have four Kindergarten groups and three Pre Primary classes.  We are triple streamed in the majority of our Junior School years, and are building towards four streams in the Senior School.

Do you have to be Anglican to get into PCACS?

We welcome applications from families of all religious backgrounds as long as they are willing to participate in Anglican worship and the Anglican Schools Commission’s religious education curriculum.  We require that families uphold the Christian ethos of the School. 

Are there waitlists for places and does anyone get preference?

As the School grows we do sometimes have waitlists for certain year groups.  Preference is given to students in accordance with the School Policy on Enrolments.  We encourage parents to submit applications early to avoid disappointment.

Do I have to pay the whole of the School Fees in advance?

No, you can pay monthly or fortnightly by direct debit or at the beginning of each term.  If you pay all fees at the beginning of the year, we offer a 3% discount on tuition fees.

Is there any discount for siblings?

Yes, there is a 20% discount on tuition fees for a second child, 40% for a third child and 60% for a fourth child.  A fifth or subsequent child attracts 100% discount on tuition fees. 

Do you have out of school care facilities?

Not at the moment but we do offer a Co Curricular programme for 8 weeks of the term as well as Library facilities which are usually available from  3:30pm - 4:30pm.

Do you have a School Bus?

We have public transport bus stops right outside the School and the train station is only a 2 minute bus ride away (or a healthy 10 minute walk).  We do not have a School Bus at present.

Is there a canteen?

Yes, it operates 5 days a week.  Home cooked meals are available every day and we strictly adhere to the Traffic Light system with the majority of our menu being green items. Parents can use the online ordering system.  See the Canteen page under the Community Section for menu details.

What time does school start and finish?

Students are required to be at their desks, ready for work by 8.30am and they finish classes at 3.15pm.

What do I do if my child cannot attend school on particular days?

If a child will not be attending, we require parents to notify Student Services before 9am either by phoning 9411 4814 or by emailing .  Permission should be sought in writing in advance from the Principal if your child is going to be absent for non-medical reasons.

What sports do you offer and do you play interschool sport?

We offer a variety of sports.  Our Junior School compete in the local Kwinana Schools Sporting Association and the Senior School competes in the Associated & Catholic Colleges competitions.

Do you have a Music programme?

We offer a variety of music options.  Instrumental Tutors are engaged by the School for students wishing to study a particular instrument or vocals.  These half hour sessions take place during the School week.  We also have Co Curricular sessions for choirs, bands and ensembles.

Do you have a pastoral care system?

Class teachers in the Junior School are responsible for their students’ pastoral care.  In the Senior School, we have Tutor Groups and these teachers look after small groups of students.  We also have a Director of Pastoral Care.

How strict are the uniform rules?

Students are required to dress in accordance with the Uniform Handbook.  Our students do not wear makeup or have coloured hair and may wear only designated jewellery.

Do you cater for special needs students?

We can accommodate low needs students but are not currently set up for higher needs students although we hope to be able to offer this at some stage in the future.

Is there any bullying at the school?

All schools experience some bullying.  Our Staff deal with this quickly and continue to educate students about the drastic effects bullying can have on others.  Bullying is not tolerated here.

What happens if my child doesn’t do the right thing?

There is a well publicised Behaviour Management Plan so all students are aware of the consequences of inappropriate actions as well as the rewards for positive actions.  The focus is on developing student understanding and responsibility. For a copy of our Junior School or Senior School Behaviour Management Flowchart please go to our Policies section of the website. 


"The rules are really strict on bullying.  It teaches someone how to be a better person.  Things aren't ignored." (Student)


"I like the fact that we have a safe and friendly environment." (Student)

"The children have a sense of pride and respect." (Parent)